Authenticity is Priceless.

With the rise of social media and AI, authenticity is key to building trust and connection with clients, customers, and business partners. It’s what separates a good brand, from a truly loved brand. Authenticity plays its role in creating those invaluable connections between a brand, and their audience.

“Niching down” may seem counter-intuitive and isolating to a large portion of your potential consumers, but the opposite has found to be true. Having a niche connects to people within that culture on a deeper level. It can speak to those who want to be a part of, or relate to a certain genre/niche. Music and clubbing scene is a great example. Jazz clubs, alt bars, country pubs. These all speak to a different audience, and the same can be true with any brand.

“Behind the scenes” content shows a more real and raw side of any brand for people to connect with. The consumer is aware that their favourite production was made by real people, with real faces and real thoughts. We connect with that as it seems more relatable, and human. 

Generative AI has been a controversial tool since its creation. It uses simple prompts to create images and scripts based on real art and photos from people all over the internet. Because of this, AI generated content completely lacks authenticity, a huge reason why people are so against it (the recent A24 films promo material). Why authenticity is so important in this age is that we value craftsmanship and thought put into any service or product we buy, made by people just like us.

Authenticity really is priceless. Not only for business, but for the communities and culture that value who we are and what we stand for. 

  1. MAY 2024